What's the book about?

Engage the WORL&D! is a "meme-oir" mental tapas-style entree, with freshly dug ingredients such as memories turned a-ha moments harvested in the field of L&D. Topped with a pinch of whimsicality spice, a dash of humor, and sprinkles of memes. Served chilled for anyone in L&D, specifically garnished for instructional designers. Pair it with your favorite glass of beverage! Relax! Don't forget to breathe, and prepare to engage the WORL&D! Things we'll explore:


CReativity, Engagement And Motivation…

+2 More Traits:

Social Impact & Myth (de)Bunking

The Story: driven by curiosity…

… LI DOE (Last ID On Earth) travels through the Looking Class to find himself in the whimsical WORL&D. To be able to return to the old world, LI DOE must transform from Pawn to Queen, and beat the Red King. 

A feel-good Pawn to Queen story of an AI-powered instructional designer. A story based on mental travels in the author’s true “meme-ories.” Or not?

Welcome to the WORL&D!

Mental travels through "meme-ories" of a-aha moments in the field of L&D...

  • Myth Bunkers

    Where many learning myths lie beneath. Sometimes resurrect.

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  • City of Curio

    A curious place where nobody lives anymore.

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  • Dunes of Obstacalities

    Five obstacalities to hold back the Bores: knowledge (memory), knowledge (resource), skill, motivation, environment.

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  • Training Czar Heights

    Downtown WORL&D. Where the Red King and its infamous Scythe reside.

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  • Scope Creep Creek

    Zero entry swimming pool on one end. Dangerous deep end on the other.

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  • Amyg D’la Bridge

    Downtown WORL&D. Above the blue river stands the ancient bridge of joy and sorrow.

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